Father Peter Preaching

Father Peter preaches in the Abbey.

Many of the monks of Our Lady of Dallas preach during Sunday mass at the Abbey or at parishes in the surrounding area. In this section you will find in PDF format a selection of sermons authored and delivered by the monks. The sermons are grouped according to author, and they are listed in chronological order.

During the coronavirus pandemic we have begun to livestream some of our masses. Click here to access some of the homilies from these masses on the Cistercian YouTube channel.

From 2001 through 2022, just months before his death, Fr. Roch contributed “a last word” to the School’s semiannual magazine, The Continuum. In his page-long reflections, he addressed current events, the liturgical seasons, questions raised by alumni, and questions he thought the alumni should raise but hadn’t. We have collected the 43 reflections, made the titles more descriptive, and provided an index. We hope you will continue to hear in these reflections Fr. Roch’s insightful, sometimes blunt, and always loving voice.  You may click here to view and download the PDF of Fr. Roch’s Continuum Articles.