Confirmation 2022

As the sun shone brightly on the beautiful Sunday of March 27, 2022, many Cistercian students received the Sacrament of Confirmation. They had been prepared through campus ministry and the efforts of their theology teachers at Cistercian; they were instructed about the sacrament and its connection to Baptism and the life of the Church, and about the gifts of the Holy Spirit that it bestows. Before the celebration of the sacrament, the boys went on a full-day retreat, and many of them worked generously in service to their community, in imitation of Christ the servant.  

Congratulations to these newly confirmed students! Let us pray for them. May all who have received this sacrament understand the personal love God has for each of us. May we be faithful to him every day of their lives, diving ever more deeply into the Gift we have received – the Holy Spirit – and discovering in Jesus the meaning of our lives by working with him for the salvation of the world.