Beatification of the Martyrs of Casamari

On April 17, 2021 the six martyrs of Casamari, who were killed in 1799, were beatified. The beatification was presided over by Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, Prefect of the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints. More details about the martyrs can be found in an article at Aleteia. In addition, the website of the Cistercian Order has a few pictures of the ceremony in the beautiful church of Casamari.

Cistercian Abbot General Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori gave a speech at the end of the beatification. In it he remarked, “One who accepts grace acquires a beauty of humanity that nurtures in all the desire to live in this same way. The splendor of the saints rekindles the desire that inspired the “Here I am” of each of our vocations, the flame of that “first love” (Rev 2:4) which, we must confess, we often let become a “smoldering wick” in the course of our life. The saints rekindle the desire of the first love of Christ and for Christ, reminding us that this too is a grace by which we should let ourselves simply be lighted and burn, offering it the fuel of our everyday humanity.”

May the Martyrs of Casamari rekindle our love for Christ and inspire us to live our vocations in such a beautiful manner!